Reporting, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Client: Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES)

Role: Data Warehouse (DWH) Evaluation, Repository Modeling Development, Team Development, Data Model with Scorecard and Report Development

Objective: Provide expertise in the implementation and organization of OBIEE including evaluation of DHW structure, repository development and modeling, knowledge transfer to in-house developers, security, release processes and best practices.

Background and Solution:
Performance Management Reporting and Analysis is responsible for development, delivering and providing on-demand operational and performance analysis reporting. The group wanted to migrate the existing reports (.NET/C#, SSRS with Oracle 11g) and models to Oracle OBIEE platform to provide executive to center to rep-level reporting from fully integrated dashboards to “delivered” reports to ad-hoc reports. The business team was in the process of implementing OBIEE using new IT-managed/administered infrastructure.

For this project, Mindboard partnered with Accenture.

This project scope included
(a) evaluation of the current data warehouse (DWH) structure,
(b) repository development and modeling,
(c) Scorecards and report development, and
(d) team development including knowledge transfer to the in-house developers, and train them on application security, release processes and best practices.

The project was approached in 2 phases:
• Phase I – Project Initiation and Data/Information Gathering
• Phase II – Data Modeling with a Dashboard and 4 executive level Reports

During Phase I, the Mindboard’s OBIEE Hands-On-Consultant-Team reviewed the existing (“as is”) ETL/database and evaluated with the group the amount of expansion expected within the timeline of the project, outlined development of subsets of four subject areas and population through the Admin Tools provided in the Standard Edition Client, the Scorecard RPD sufficient to allow flexibility (Kimball). Phase 1 deliverables were Data Structure Evaluation Report, which included

• Data Structure Evaluation for the identified Scorecard
• Data Structure Evaluation for up to four (4) executive level reports across Order Management, Provisioning and Maintenance Functional Areas

During Phase II, Mindboard’s focus was to get the “right” data model ready for dash boarding and reporting. The client team was an Agile shop, thus the tasks were performed through a modified Agile (Extreme Programming) approach with a subset of the SCRUM in two week iterative sprints for the life of the project. The data model was developed in conjunction with in house business users and DHW developers, care was taken to allow the model for Global / Regional / National and International reporting. Model was sourced from multiple reporting tables and allowed for complex dimensionality. Reports developed, allowed users to Drill to various provision and order-level detail tables and the model was optimized/tuned for good user experience.